Cables & Wires

Our extensive range of industrial wires & cables includes products such as control cables, data and computer cables, drag chain cables, motor, servo & feedback cables, all-weather and rubber cables, and single cores, as well as internationally approved cables.


Strut Channel, Channel Clamp ½” to 6”(HDG), Cable tray, Trunking, Raceway, Cable Cleats, Din rails etc…

Conduit Fittings

Explosion Proof Conduit outlet body, Hubs, Union, Tee, Reducer, Enlarger, Adaptor, Flexible Hose, Seal Fitting, Sealing Compound, Cast Device Box, Cord Grip, Connector, Electrical Control Panel, Switches for Hazardous area.

Cable Glands & Accessories

Cable Gland Brass , Reducer & Adapter.

Conduit Pipes

Cable lug, Terminal Blocks. Splicing kit. Insulation Heat shrink Sleeves.

Earthing & Lightning Protection

Grounding Copper Rods, Bus Bars , Copper Tapes, Earth Conductors, Lightening Arrestors, Air Terminals, Earthing Grid, DC Tapes, DC Clamps, Servit Post connectors, Ground connectors, Earth Pit, Electrical Gloves 5kv to 33kv.